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 Welcome to Seiwagoryu
 Welcome to Seiwagoryu Welcome to Seiwagoryu
  President's greetings

  Thank  you  for  your  interest  in  Ikebana.
  Seiwagoryu secret old style  began about 450 years ago. The Japanese  emperor  at the time was Goyouzeitei
(1571〜1617). At the same time,  tea  ceremony  also  began  in  Japan. 
 After studying Ikebana technics and philosophy from Tokuho Kyurakusai,  I began to exhibit my works at  hotels, department stores, and museums for many  people to enjoy. A lot of people including teachers and  students asked  me to establishing the school . Then my husband ,Fumio Ohshima (head professor  at 
Fukuoka  Educational  University) advice for me to 
establish  a school.   I decided to do so.
 Seiwagoryu flower arranging style is used to express the
beauty of each season’s flower  and  enhance the geographical  surrounding  view. The main flower arranging
style is called Seika. The other styles called Moribana,
Nageile, and Jiyuka  can also be used to accomplish these
seasonal color displays and  geographical  view 
 Recently we have developed a new style called Imperial (Sweet) Arrangement. This western style uses various beautiful flowers and materials for interior decorations in
homes and offices.
  Come learn and enjoy our original methods of arranging flowers to beautify your Japanese traditional rooms and western style rooms.

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